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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Magnolias In The Park

             "Magnolias In The Park"
                   Plein Air Oil 5" x 7"

I was looking for magnolia trees to paint, and I came across these two trees in the park. The gazebo is used by many visiting the park. I love the pink color of the trees standing strong between the gazebo while looking up the hill at the scene. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Carousel In The Winter

            "Carousel In The Winter" 
  Plein Air Oil 5" x 7" in private collections 

I just loved how the shadows rested across the snow. The sun light hitting the roof tops, and the warm colors of the winter trees. The carousel colors are just intense with the reflections of the snow bouncing off it, I fell in love with this scenery. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Abandon House

  " Abandon House" Plein Air Oil 8" x 10"

Abandon House was painted on 166Th and Boden Road in Noblesville Indiana. I painted it one morning back in late fall of 2014. Without me knowing at that time the house was empty. They have now boarded up the windows, and I think soon the house will be torn down. There are plans for a new subdivision to be built where the house stands. I'm glad I painted this cute home before it's gone forever. 

If your interested in the purchase of this painting please contact me. 
Email: sondrasart@yahoo.com

Hidden Notes

     "Hidden Notes" Oils 11" x 14" 

Hidden Notes was painted for a theme show for the Nickel Plate Arts. The theme of the show was Collaboration. We had to have a painting that inspired the artist. I picked the classical song by Beethoven "Fur Elise". Inside the painting there you will see music notes. They are hidden within the painting.